A Few Important Questions To Ask When Designing A Wardrobe

Designing A Wardrobe

VillageConnectPH.comWhile designing and customising your wardrobe, you need to keep several things in mind. From space planning, functionality and aesthetics to lighting, mirror positioning and joinery, you need to make the preparations as per your personal preferences. Once you have made these selections, you have to decide upon other aspects of your closet too, including the material, colours, layout, accessories, etc. 

Whether you want a closed or an open closet also depends on your personal preferences and requirements. The good news is that everything can be customised as per your personal choices, however, the size and dimensions are pretty critical if you live in a small space and want to make the most of it. Here are a few things you must keep in mind while customising your wardrobe.


Wardrobes can be made up of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, etc. The one that you choose depends on the type of look you want, and the level of maintenance needs you prefer. Wood is sturdy and beautiful, but it has high maintenance needs, as it may warp, rot or get infested by termites. Metal is durable and resistant, but it may get affected by rust. Plastic is light in weight and can be made to look like wood or metal, but it is not as sturdy and strong as other material options. So, talk to an expert and choose a suitable option as per your needs. 


Selecting joinery is pretty much related to the style and colour palette of your interiors. Joinery is a significant component and clients obviously want longevity from them. The joinery that you choose depends on your interior theme, but if you are starting from scratch, you can choose any colour and texture as per your personal choice. You also need to choose joinery that comes with or without handles. Contemporary wardrobes have no handles, but soft-push doors/drawers. If your home has a classic feel, then selecting a magnificent handle should tie in with that. A brushed bronze handle is always a safe idea; however, you can select the one as per your personal choice.


Installing lights in and around the wardrobe are great for viewing and maintaining the conditions of items kept inside. LED lighting with sensors is the best option to go with. This type of lights can save you a lot of energy, as it turns on automatically when you open the closet and turns off on its own when you close the door. Vertical strip lighting can give a more consistent line as compared to the horizontal strip lighting which follows shelf and rod heights. Placement of lights is crucial too, as it not just needs to be functional for accessing a wardrobe and viewing items, but in creating a mood or feel in the space too. Recessed lighting gives a lovely moody effect for a walk-through wardrobe. It is quite on trend to give the illusion of lavishness and magnificence.


Like lighting, mirrors also serve a two-side purpose by permitting you to check your outfit before leaving the house and enhancing the visual space. So, where the mirror should be placed is an important question you must ask yourself. It is good to place the mirror at the end of your closet. A full-length mirror always makes a great choice, as it creates the illusion of space and is practical when getting ready to step out of the home. The mirror that you place should give you a full view from head to toe. Also give attention to the quality of the mirror, as a low-quality mirror may distort or curve which may not give you the correct image.


While designing a wardrobe for your new or old home, keeping these things in mind will help you bring your vision into reality in a better way. If you need any tips and tricks to revamp your closet to match it with your living space, do some research on the Web and you will surely come across some fantastic designing ideas for your wardrobe.  

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