Green Living: Sustainable Storage Options for Every Home

Sustainable Storage Options

No matter how clutter-free and minimalistic you’re trying to live, there are always items that need to be stored and hidden away. So, if your green home lacks adequate storage space, don’t worry. There are practical yet sustainable storage options that will satisfy your needs without boosting your carbon footprint. Take a look!

Wooden shelves

Shelves are one of the best storage solutions for every home. They are practical, light and perfect for storing all kinds of items. However, make sure to opt for sustainable wood and low-VOC finishes. Another great option is particle board shelving made with 99% recycled veneered paper. Reclaimed wood is also a great material to be given a new life and turned into wonderful shelving.

Metal shelving

If you want something durable that will last almost forever and serve you for generations, invest in modular and versatile storage solutions made with quality metal. These are super practical and can easily adapt to any space and any type of items. You can use them in your pantry, in your home office as well as your living room or bedroom. And thanks to your shelves’ modular nature, you can easily assemble and disassemble your storage, move it and handle it with ease!  

Wicker baskets

This storage solution is very popular in recent years. And how could it not be, when wicker baskets are gorgeous, light and very practical. They can fit anything from clothes to work documents to kids’ toys and they will look at home in any space. And their natural color and beautiful texture will add style to any green home.

Recycled plastic containers

There’s nothing more practical than plastic containers. However, buying new plastic isn’t exactly eco-friendly and green. Luckily, you can find plastic containers made with 100% recycled plastics. These are perfect for storing practically anything because they are durable and can be completely sealed. Plus, if you opt for clear recycled plastics, you can easily see what’s inside each container without having to open it!

Bamboo ladder

If you want beautiful yet practical and small shelving for your bathroom, bedroom or home gym, why not choose bamboo ladder! It’s perfect both as an accent detail and as practical storage for towels, extra linen, clothing or workout equipment. And, bamboo is a great material that’s fast-growing, durable and very attractive. It can be stronger than metal in certain situations, so it’s no wonder it’s still used as scaffolding in some countries!

Hidden storage options

If you desperately need extra storage but don’t want to cover your walls with shelves and fill your basement with boxes, you can invest in furniture with hidden storage. This will give you not only space to store your clothing, linen, books or toys, but also provide you with extra seating! Check out practical ottomans with under-the-seat storage space or maybe consider getting a bed with drawers under the mattress. Your clutter with remain hidden you won’t be surrounded with visible storage!

Repurpose your old furniture

Do you have an old suitcase you don’t use anymore? It can easily be turned into a chic coffee table with hidden storage. Or do you have some old metal coffee or cookie containers? They can quickly be repurposed into small holders for pencils, kitchen utensils or spices. Think outside the box and you’ll come up with great ideas.

Living green can be very easy, clean and tidy, especially when you have these various sustainable storage options at your disposal!

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