Philippine Robotics Team bags 192 medals in the 18th Int’l Robot Olympiad in China.

Zara Alexandra Genuino, Bianca Nicole Casimiro and Chelsea Lianne Tan Gomez from De La Salle Santiago Zobel School receive their Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators Special Award from Philippine Robotics Team President Anthony Gabitan (Left) and Wyeth Nutrition Communications Head, Michelle Pador.

The Philippine Robotics Team, organized by the Data Science and Technology Corporation (DSTC) with support from Wyeth Nutrition through the Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators Program, brings home close to 200 medals at the 18th International Robot Olympiad (IRO) held in Beijing, China. The young delegates comprised of over 70 students from 18 schools made the country proud with 19 Gold, 19 Silver, 31 Bronze and 123 Technical Awards.

The IRO is an annual Robotics competition participated by over 1,000 students from over 20 countries. Robotics enthusiasts as young as 9 years old who exemplified creativity and advanced robotics knowledge and skills were encouraged to develop and build robots for specific missions designed by the IRO committee.

Wyeth Nutrition, with its commitment to help nurture a child’s potential for greatness, presented the Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators Special Award to 15 of the youngest delegates from the Junior Creative category for their achievements in the success of the Philippine Robotics Team. Among the special awardees are Bianca Nicole Casimiro, Chelsea Lianne T. Gomez, Zara Alexandra Genuino, Bjorn Isaac Costes Escalona, Jaden Coen Reyes, Raphael Antonio Caguiat from De La Salle- Santiago Zobel School, Andrew Brian T. So, Ethan Brook L. Ong, Matthew Riley C. Raymundo, Daphne Anjanique Ng Tan, Alyssa C. Yao, Francine Mae E. Ang from Jubilee Christian Academy and Ezekiel Godwin Torres, Jonathan Gilbert Ignacio, Zandra Pauline Chavez from Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba. They were presented during the ceremonies hosted by DSTC and Philippine Robotics Team partner, Wyeth Nutrition.

DSTC President Anthony Gabitan proudly congratulated the kids, their parents and schools for a job well done during the recent Robot Olympiad. “I take much pride and confidence in your ability, dear students, to conquer international competitions because of your innovative spirit, discipline and hard work. I thank your parents and teachers for their support and guidance.” He added, “We look forward to more successes in the many more international robotics competitions.”

Joseph Jacob, Chairman of The National Science & Technology Fair of the Department of Education, said he hopes that this achievement will continue to inspire parents in supporting their kids. “Dear parents, may you never get tired of providing the much needed guidance to your kids as they pursue their love for science.”

“In the years to come, we, at Wyeth Nutrition look forward to recognizing more Filipino kids who can ignite the spirit of innovativeness, and inspire every Filipino to pursue the path of innovation towards societal transformation” said Wyeth Nutrition Communications Head Anne Michelle Pador. She added, “To our dear kid innovators, we hope that the recognition you received would further fuel your passion to make great strides in your journey to science and innovation. We believe that it is only you who can set the limits of the awe-inspiring things that you can do. Always remain curious and, with the support of your parents, you will find the answers—because we believe in your enormous potential for greatness.”

One of the recipients of the Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators Special Award Zara Alexandra Genuino, 9 years old, from De La Salle Santiago Zobel School delivered a special message addressing close to 100 fellow robotics enthusiasts, parents, teachers and special guests. She said “The future is about advancing as a people.  Whatever we build, self-driving cars, virtual reality worlds, or artificially intelligent robots, my wish for us all is that we build the world to be a better place.”

Kid Innovators Zandra Pauline Chavez, Jonathan Gilbert Ignacio and Ezekiel Godwin Torres from Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba proudly presented their project called Flood Alert System. It is a device that will give an automatic early warning to the community during the heavy rain that causes flood through the use of sensors. Also it determines the direction and humidity of the air.

Kid innovators Zara Alexandra Genuino, Bianca Nicole Casimiro and Chelsea Lianne Tan Gomez from De La Salle Santiago Zobel School present The 24/7 E.R. BOT that aims to help doctors provide medical care and treatment to their patients in the emergency room in times of disasters.

Francine Mae Ang, Daphne Anjanique Ng Tan and Alysa Yao of Jubilee Christian School are proud to present their Hospital Bed Stabilizer that helps protect patients under critical care during an earthquake.

De La Salle Santiago Zobel School’s Bjorn Escalona, Jaden Coen Reyes and Raphael Antonio Caguiat worked on their project called ‘TITAN: The Future of Fire Rescues’. It is a fire rescue robot made of Titanium Alloy frame that also features a debris blade for added safety.

Proud parents of kid innovators Catherine C. Raymundo, Rinna Genuino, Eunice Minelli Casimiro, Angeline Beatrice T. So and Mr. Jaime Paco share how they nurture and develop their children’s special interest in science and robotics.

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