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Vic Valledor - Village Connect

Vic Valledor is Looking for the...

Vic Valledor is the man behind the Premyo Valledor Awards which encourages Bicolano writers to pursue novel writing in any Bicol language. Years before he was founder, president,...

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Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Sectional Door Service Provider

Village Connect PH | There are many variants of garage door available today, sectional doors are one of the most common types that you can spot around. These specialized doors come with special mechanism and...
Air Conditioning Installation

Why Experts Should Only Do Air Conditioning Installation

Village Connect PH | In recent times when it is scorching outdoors the only possible way to keep you cool is by installing an air conditioner.  The air conditioner is a machine that takes...
Sustainable Storage Options

Green Living: Sustainable Storage Options for Every Home

No matter how clutter-free and minimalistic you’re trying to live, there are always items that need to be stored and hidden away. So, if your green home lacks adequate storage space, don’t worry. There...


Getting focused and being productive isn’t always easy. Luckily, we now live in the age of technology and there are some easy ways to give yourself a productivity boost in the digital environment. In fact, some of these are...

Lifestyle, Dining & Travel

Best Bars while on the Road

Tips on Finding the Best Bars...

Do you always end up at boring tourist-filled bars when traveling? Enough is enough! It’s time to learn how to find the best spots...

Health & Fitness

Tech & Digital

Lenovo Service Center “First Exclusive Service Center in Ph”

Lenovo Service Center - Village Connect Ph
Leading technology company Lenovo recently inaugurated its first exclusive standalone service center in the country to further cater to the support needs of its customers in the Philippines. Lenovo Philippines Country General Manager Michael Ngan says that the decision to create an exclusive service center is...

Guide to Low Cost Mobile App Development for Startups

Mobile App Development for Startups
One of the initial questions that every business owner wishes to know the answer to is how much does it cost to develop an app? Here is an extended guide to the same. Mobile apps are really doing a great job to fetch services...


The Ultimate Road Trip Tips

road trip 2
If you want a relaxing vacation with absolute flexibility, a road trip might just be the ‘genre’ you are looking for. It has become so easy to purchase a plane ticket and fly wherever you want that people are slowly forgetting the endless allure...

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