The Best Travel and Retirement Destinations for the Elderly

Best Travel and Retirement Destinations for the Elderly

Retirement is a huge change, one that can be very stressful to go through. However, once the transition period is over, you realize you’ve gained a certain freedom. You finally have enough time to do anything you want and the opportunity to change your surroundings. If you’re considering traveling or even moving to a new place, here are some destinations for you to consider.


There are several reasons to visit Portugal, but also some good ones to stay there permanently after retirement. The first one, as anybody who’s ever visited this beautiful country will agree, are the people. They are very welcoming and eager to make any foreigner feel at home and comfortable there. If you speak some Portuguese, great, but if not, English will also do, especially in the urban areas. Furthermore, the country is a quite inexpensive place to live in, meaning that rent, food and other essential things are affordable. The scenery is breathtaking, there are numerous places for travelers to see and cafés and restaurants at every step, while the climate is mild and pleasant. Plus, it’s one of the safest countries in the world, making it a perfect destination for anybody.


When it comes to the most interesting and picturesque places you can visit, Australia is the top choice for many people. What you can experience in this wonderful country ranges from extravagant and luxurious to nature-oriented and fun. The stunning beaches and amazingly clear water combined with warm weather are attractive both to tourists and people who are looking for a great place to move. There are some great living options and brilliant retirement house plans for the elderly, allowing them to live near the beach and with everything they need conveniently close to them, including medical professionals. The country isn’t among the cheapest places you can choose as your residence, but this is something that varies from city to city and one part of the country to another. Plus, the infrastructure is of the highest standards, making it easy to move around.


This small island chain isn’t something that will catch your eye when you look at a map. However, this Mediterranean country situated between North Africa and Sicily is a very appealing tourist destination. The summer weather is perfect for a seaside holiday, while winter weather is mild with plenty of sunshine during the day. Whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet or an active vacation with a lot of sports and various events, Malta is the place for you. And in case you’re thinking about moving there after you retire, you’ll be thrilled with their low cost of living and the fact that English is spoken there. Plus, with all of Malta’s historic sites, festivals and variety of people who made this lovely country their home, you’ll never get bored.


Thailand is located in the southeast of Asia and it’s famous for its great retirement programs, but also for the mind-blowing geographic as well as cultural diversity. The climate is also something to look forward to, since it spans from hot seaside resorts to cooler, hilly landscapes. However, the winters are never too cold, so the weather is great for those who crave sunshine and warmth, especially for people suffering from arthritis. Renting a modern apartment or visiting a doctor can be a real bargain, since the prices of anything there are very affordable. If you’re looking to explore the country, traveling from one place to another is ridiculously cheap, while those who want to move there will love the expat communities. You’ll find that the people there are friendly and active, indulging in anything from sports to art and history.

Packing your suitcases and moving to a new place has never been easier. So, why not give it a try? It might prove to be the adventure of your lifetime.

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