How to Boost Productivity in the Digital Environment

Boost Productivity

Getting focused and being productive isn’t always easy. Luckily, we now live in the age of technology and there are some easy ways to give yourself a productivity boost in the digital environment. In fact, some of these are so effective that they might help you get more work done than you ever did. Without further ado, let’s take a look at a few solutions that are guaranteed to help you boost productivity in the digital environment.


Some people believe using your smartphone in the workplace only causes distraction and makes you less productive. But the truth is, when used wisely, your smartphone can become a great productivity tool. To get started, we recommend removing your favorite apps from your home screen and replacing them with productivity-boosting apps such as Todoist and Duolingo. Turning off your notifications is a good idea as well. Also, don’t forget that your camera isn’t just for selfies and you can use it take snaps of numbers and addresses.


Chances are, you’ve heard a lot about these little things in the last couple of years. More and more professionals wear them, mostly because they help them to take notes on the go and not miss a meeting or deadline. Still, these aren’t the only reasons why you should consider getting a smartwatch as it can also help you stay connected with your co-workers. The most popular models at the moment include Samsung Gear S3 and ASUS ZenWatch 3.


In case you work in an open plan office, you already know just how difficult concentrating can sometimes get. And usually this is the case when there’s so much work to get done. The best way to cancel all the noise is to get quality earbuds and come up with a work-friendly playlist. Models such as Shure SE846 are guaranteed to do the trick and help you stay relaxed at work. They usually come with all the accessories you might needs so there’s no reason not to order a pair right away.

Posture coach

Anyone working behind the screen knows just how painful sitting in your chair for the entire day can be. And with 80% of the population experiencing back pain at some point in their life, it’s a good idea to keep your posture straight, even if you don’t find sitting at your desk painful. Luckily, there are devices such as posture coach, which you can use to make sure you always keep a straight posture. The best thing about it is that you won’t even know it’s there and you’ll be able to fully focus on your work.

Smart coffee mug

A smart coffee mug is a lot more useful than it may sound. If you’re like most people, you could always use a hot beverage while working. Be it coffee or tea, you need it to stay warm or it won’t have any effect. And this is exactly what a smart coffee mug can do. Get one of these and ensure your beverage stays warm even when you end up working for hours. These things now come in all kinds of designs and there’s no doubt you’ll find the one that you like.

If you’re looking to get more work done as quickly as possible, look no further. Add these 5 solutions into your arsenal and you’ll work like a beast.

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