Gorgeous Destinations for Retirement

Gorgeous Destinations for Retirement

The retirement business is booming and seniors have splendid choices to spend their twilight years in an environment that perfectly suits their sensibilities. These days, you can look beyond the horizon of your own home town in search of a clean slate and a new adventure you’ve deserved after decades of hard work. Here are the most gorgeous destinations for retirement that are bound to excite you.


Portugal is topping the lists for astonishing retirement destinations for several reasons. First of all, the climate is superb; known as Subtropical-Mediterranean climate, it is famous for short and mild winters and warm summers. This makes it a perfect destination for elders that suffer from some form of rheumatoid arthritis. Located on the coast of Iberian Peninsula, its rocky inland and gorgeous cities are what la dolce vita is all about. While it has pretty much all the architectural and natural hallmarks of Spain, it is much more contained, compact and – above all else – cheaper. If you want to look into specific locations across Portugal that offer state-of-the-art facilities for seniors, do a research on Sintra, which is located about 40 minutes via train from Lisbon.

New South Wales Coastline

The spectacular coastline of New South Wales, just beyond the city limits of Sydney, has become one of top-tier retirement destinations in the world. In many ways, it has even become more popular than Florida, due to more spacious, somewhat less humid environments and bucolic landscapes just beyond the first tree-row of Australian hinterland. Smaller towns and coastal communities often boast the most desirable retirement places. Check out the amazing Lake Macquarie retirement village, which is more akin to a superb resort for elders who have retained a zest for life. Well-established infrastructure that allows retirees to truly seize the day in a way that they see fit is what the modern retirement-home philosophy is all about, and Australia is one of the global leading countries in this regard.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been a popular tourist destination for sure, but it is also a beloved retirement paradise. Most of its lush tropical forests are protected by law, and resplendent beaches on two very different coastlines (one stretches along the Pacific and the other along the Caribbean Sea) offer an exciting and yet relaxing playground for seniors that want to kick-back. Now, you may be wondering if Costa Rica is as dangerous as other surrounding states. You’d be pleased to know that it has a peaceful culture, a stable democracy, progressive outlook on LGBT rights and – which is absolutely crucial for you – top-notch healthcare. For these reasons, it is also known as the “Switzerland of Central America”.


Southeast portion of Asia is garnering quite an impressive reputation among retirees around the world. Thailand, as one of the most progressive and financially stable countries in the region, is turning into a stellar retirement country due to its suitable climate conditions that offer diverse options – you can choose between hot and humid beaches and cool highlands.

Thai culture is captivating and unique; yet, it is quite easy to fit in because the country is so popular among expats. Constant influx of travellers from every corner of the globe – including seniors looking for a clean slate in a whole new world – makes this country exciting and dynamic without the added factor of stress. The cost of living is rather low and Thai food is amazing, with a range of suitable choices for vegans.

The world is a vast and beautiful place filled with diverse people and interesting destinations that are practically tailor-made for a magnificent retirement. Above all else, the world is more interconnected than ever before, and you can look at destinations far beyond what was geographically feasible only half a century ago. Most of the retirement communities that are carefully built and managed in such places offer high quality of life at reasonable costs, so we can definitely say that when it comes to retirement, the world is your oyster!

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