LBC Business Solutions Introduces Payment Services for Online Sellers and Corporations

LBC Business Solutions

Online sellers and other micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have become an integral part of the Philippine economy. And LBC, the country’s leading name in Business Logistics, has come up with various payment solutions tailor-fitted for every entrepreneur, so they can devote more time to other aspects of the business, like marketing and stocking up on inventory.

Foremost of the services LBC Business Solutions offers is PAYCOLLECT, which enables a corporate entity or an online seller to utilize LBC as its collecting station. All they need to do is register their complete automated accounting details with LBC and LBC will consolidate all payments for settlement to their respective accounts. This eliminates the burden of an individual or company from having to encash or reconcile banking transactions,  paving the way for better handling and simpler collection system. 

 LBC Business Solutions can also be tapped for REFUNDS. Designed for eCom business, an online seller can use LBC to refund the payment of the buyer. If a customer is unsatisfied with the purchase, the customer can return the item through LBC to receive a full refund.

And for entrepreneurs who want don’t want to be sidetracked with attending to payrolls every 15th and 30th of the month, LBC Business Solutions offers PAYROLL DISBURSEMENT to its employees.

Additionally, LBC branches can also be used as LOADING AND UNLOADING (Withdrawal) Stations or Access of Prepaid Cash Cards of Banks and other Card Non-Bank Card Issuers.

Mr. Oliver Valentin, Senior Vice-President, LBC-PH Operations says: “LBC is committed not only to address the needs of regular customers but also extend it to the companies and even start-up entrepreneurs like online sellers who are in need of payment services.. Today, LBC is servicing different partners from banking industry, eCommerce , Health and Entertainment. And we are happy to receive feedback that their customers are very happy because of the flexibility we have afforded them in settling their corresponding payments. With LBC’s over 1300 branches nationwide, business to consumer and customer to customer transactions are faster and convenient”.

If you want to know more about LBC’s various Payment Solutions or how your business can benefit from them, write to:

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