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The Center for Possibilities Foundation, an NGO dedicated specifically to addressing the plight of indigent children with special needs will be staging “Love Inclusively”, a benefit concert featuring the Manila Symphony Orchestra, and performances from exceptional individuals Henry Munarriz, Samantha Kaspar, and Juno Santos.  One of the concert’s highlights will be the special participation of Mr. OgieAlcasid, who has graciously offered his time and renowned talent to this cause.

The concert is aimed at raising funds for the special education for indigent children with special needs at the foundations SPED (special education) center in Sagada, Mountain Province, and its soon to be opened SPED center in NorzagarayBulacan.

The education of differentially abled individuals is the greatly under-addressed need in developing countries, and even more so in far-flung rural areas such as Sagada and Norzagaray.

This is why the proceeds of the concert will be used to fund neuropsychological evaluations (Php 15,000 per child), assessments by developmental professionals (Php 10,000 per child), and therapy sessions for exceptional individuals that may include physical, occupational and speech therapy (Php 2,000 per session).  Sending a single child to school for a month costs Php 20,000, and day to day operations of each center amount to Php 50,000 per month.

Preceding the concert will be the exhibit Art Exceptional, a collection of never before seen works of exceptional individuals Juno Santos, Samantha Kaspar, Juno Santos and Vico Cham.  Samantha Kaspar will also be launching her personally designed fragrances named “Aware”, “Inspire” and “Embrace”.  “Love Inclusively” will happen on March 2, 2019 (Saturday), at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium of the RCBC Plaza.  Donations will be accepted at the entrance.


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