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Did you know that only 25 out of 100 Filipino households have savings?

Many Filipinos view saving up as a loss, instead of an investment to their future, Country Manager Moritz Gastl said.

“By the time that they are ready to start saving and invest, they become overwhelmed with the information that’s available. It can be very intimidating to make a financial decision when you are unsure of your choice,” Gastl added. aims to empower Filipinos to make better financial choices by providing a comprehensive platform for their financial and telco needs-from car insurance. personal loans, and even internet service providers.

Compare, Invest, Save

With the large market for financial services, choosing the right service provider can be tedious. From going through one company to another and taking to review each offer, you’ll likely end up with not much time to deliberate before making a choice. created a user-friendly platform to simplify the process of choosing a service easier and more accessible to every Filipino.

By adding the user’s profile including budget, monthly income, and needs, a personalized quote for any financial service will be ready in less than five minutes. Even better, you can access the comparison site anywhere, anytime. has partnered with the Philippines’ most reputable companies for its financial services. has a strict screening process for its partners to  ensure that they have a roster of reputable firms for their users.

Apart from financial services, is also working on improving the financial education landscape in the Philippines. Through its ‘Pesopedia’ blog, provides a wide array of information for Filipinos looking for tips and tricks on how to manage their personal finances.

“Technology and finance is evolving. We are working hard on creating content not just for users, but for anyone who would like to make better and well-informed choices to help them with the decision-making process,” Gastl noted.

Double Deals

In partnership with Oriental Assurance Corporation, is celebrating their fourth year with a brand new 2018 Toyota Vios to one lucky customer. Even better, it also comes with a one-year comprehensive car insurance from Oriental Assurance Corporation.

Here’s how:

  1. Get your car an insurance that you can trust. Get the peace of mind when you purchase any car insurance from Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or simply going for one that won’t hurt your pockets, will give you ample options without leaving your home.
  2. Pay right, pay light.  Once you’ve chosen the perfect car insurance match for you, make a minimum of 25% down payment by June 30, 2018. Your car insurance purchase also earns you one raffle entry to the promo.
  3. Watch out. will announce the raffle winner on July 10, 2018. Don’t worry, the winner will be notified and will be announced on’s Facebook page.
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