Puratos Philippines Launches ‘My Bakery’ Mobile App

‘My Bakery’

The Philippines is composed of 7,641 beautiful islands. Home bakers across the country are multiplying, online baking business is rapidly growing and small bakeries are continuously evolving. You can just imagine the nightmare of doing sales coverage and distribution in this archipelago. It is a fact that most companies have limited number of dealers and salesmen that could effectively serve these channels and this too is a dilemma of Puratos Philippines. Every day, we receive numerous inquiries about our products and services. Handling concerns from hundreds of customers and potential clients is a real challenge. Sometimes we still receive inquiries on social media until 12 midnight. Come to think of it, night time is the best time for home bakers to inquire since most of them are employed or have to take care of their families during the day. We believe that the home bakers (Domestic Artisans) are an underserved market segment where a mobile app can be a perfect solution, and with this solution, we want nothing less but to provide great CEX (Customer Experience)!

Businesses from all corners of the world selling products and services have started migrating from the physical world of handing out leaflets and placing print advertisements to the mobile realm. To answer the challenges we are facing, we believe that Puratos Philippines should be able to drive the market through the Puratos Mobile App. According to a smartphones usage survey, Philippines is the third largest & fastest growing market for smartphones in Southeast Asia. Seventy-nine percent of the Filipinos have already checked their smartphones within 5 minutes of waking up. We have 40 million active mobile social media users. To answer the fast-growing bakers who want peace of mind and convenience, we came up with ‘My Bakery’, the very first mobile application in Philippines’ baking industry designed for domestic artisans such as home bakers, online baking sellers and small bakeries.

Last June 1, 2017, we officially launched ‘My Bakery’ in Puratos Philippines. Dealers & domestic artisan customers were invited to witness this convenient solution to their longtime tussle. Watch the full event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JhR7trHa78

‘My Bakery’

Just like any other social media mobile application, you can download the app and register for free on Playstore or Google Play. What are the privileges you will experience when you download the app? No more waiting game! You will have full access to product information such as product description, packaging size, packaging appearance, usage rates, recipes, prices and more. You will enjoy watching informative videos, read helpful blogs, and discover new trends. Best of all – you could order from the app! Sounds fun, right?

My Bakery is a great tool for emergency orders because we offer the same day delivery through Puratos Express. Orders placed from the app from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon are considered same day delivery, of course, with a corresponding fixed delivery charge. To sustain the interest of the mobile App users, ‘My Bakery’ was designed to have additional features like push notifications which appears on the touchscreen from time to time and is being loaded with new recipes every month. It has also a store locator function that can guide the user to the nearest Puratos retail outlet in the area. Have a peek at its benefits in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEi1mwHJuk4

‘My Bakery’

We now have a total of 3,000+ registrations and users who are now enjoying the benefits of the app since its launch.

An even better ‘My Bakery’, which will feature both delivery and pick up options is officially out during its 1st Anniversary Celebration held at Mckinley Hill in Taguig last May 4, 2018. New features such as Flexible delivery options: Express Delivery & Standard Delivery with corresponding delivery fees are offered. Promo codes will be its highlight, the more they order, more chances of discounts! ‘My Bakery’ Version 2.0 has now online payment and a Pick-Up option well for those nearby in the area at no cost. That’s not all, the version 2 of the app will have its GPS-automated function wherein it will be able to detect your location and show the dealer near you. It is definitely a more user-friendly version. Other new updates will be up soon…

Our goal is to be a truly ‘handy baking buddy’ for the domestic artisan segment. Not only will the customers benefit from the app but we will too. We believe it will provide more value to our customers. We want to increase our interaction and improve service level with our loyal and potential clients to sell more and to truly be considered as a reliable partner in Innovation.

‘My Bakery’ is being promoted through our salesmen, social media and during baking events and seminars. It helps build a stronger brand image. Having a Puratos ‘My Bakery’ icon on customers’ smartphones ensures that our business is always on top of their minds. At Puratos, Customer Satisfaction is part of our DNA. The more interested and happy people are with this platform, the more we reap from this competitive advantage.

In the Philippines’ baking industry setting, we want to be the “company of firsts”: first to introduce bread improver in the country, first to have a roving baking demo truck or ‘MOVE N’ BAKE’, Puratos Philippines Mobile Innovation Center (discover here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5qfmmVoUrI), and first to have a Mobile App, where customers can explore and order in just a few taps. ‘My Bakery’ is the Filipino bakers’ new handy baking buddy to make their baking lives easier, faster, fresher and better! 

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