Tips on Finding the Best Bars while on the Road

Best Bars while on the Road

Do you always end up at boring tourist-filled bars when traveling? Enough is enough! It’s time to learn how to find the best spots that most tourists guides leave out of their itinerary and have a great time while traveling.

Ask your favorite bartender

If you’re friendly with your bartender, don’t hesitate to ask them for some recommendations. Many bartenders have a sizable group of connections in the industry, so they know what to recommend. No matter how distant and obscure your destination is, there’s a good chance that your bartender will know someone who knows someone who tended an amazing little bar there that serves great mojitos!

Ask your hotel staff

Most workers at hotels know their destination to the T, so don’t hesitate to ask them about a good spot to have a craft beer or a good cocktail bar. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across a staff member who’s a fan of bars themselves, so you can get the best recommendations.

Ask social media for an opinion

You probably have a few hundred Facebook friends, Instagram followers and Twitter followers. So, why not use that huge amount of people to gather some great info on your destination? If you’re visiting a destination, there’s a great chance some of your friends were there as well. If you’re looking to taste some good whiskey in Australia, there’s a great chance at least one of your friends visited a whiskey distillery like Archie Rose and had a great time. They will be happy to recommend the place to you and tell you about the must-try blends and fun events and experiences. While social media is often full of negativity, if you know how to use different platforms properly, you can find many useful tips.

Befriend locals

No one knows as much about best dive spots, bars and clubs than locals! So, make sure to communicate with people from your destination, and most of them will be happy to recommend a good spot to a friendly and polite tourist. There are also apps like Party with a Local that allows you to connect with locals who want to share their party experiences with other people. With a local by your side, you’re guaranteed to have a blast!

Don’t trust Yelp!

While it might look super practical, Yelp! is really not that useful. Why? Well, it’s extremely subjective and full of bias, since people don’t know how to base their opinions on relevant and realistic criteria. For instance, many people who come to a cheap dive bar expect too much from their whiskey list or from their interior design. However, you can’t really expect a dive bar to offer these things anyway! What a decent dive bar needs to have is cheap yet cold beer, good music and maybe a pool table. While a place containing all of these deserves at least four stars, community-based reviews will give it a two-star rating. It’s simply not realistic!

Don’t search for a replica of your fave bar at home

Do you like the place? Are people there friendly and having a nice time? Are their drinks decent? If yes, stay! Don’t go to a bar filled with all sorts of unrealistic expectations and standards set to you by your favorite bar at home, you’re going to have a bad time and miss out on a world of amazing experiences. When traveling, your goal should be to discover different places, not search for replicas of your local bar at home.

If you consult your friends, ask some locals for recommendations and scale your expectations, you’re guaranteed to find an amazing bar while traveling. It will surely stay in your best memory, so feel free to visit it again or offer it as a recommendation to other travelers!

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