Tips for Staying Healthy at Every Age

Tips for Staying Healthy at Every Age - Village Connect Ph

Health isn’t something to take for granted. It’s a privilege of those who take good care of themselves. Although at some points in life it might seem that your body can keep up with everything you put it through, the way you treat it will come back to you sooner or later. This is why it’s important to maintain your wellness at every age. Here is how.

Healthy Diet Diet

What you eat influences your wellness greatly, so be careful about your food choice throughout your life. In your twenties, your bones are still developing, so choose foods with high levels of calcium, potassium and protein, as well as whole grains, which you should be eating all through your twenties and thirties. Once you reach your forties, your metabolism slows down and you need to adjust your diet to prepare your organism for decades of active life ahead of you, so opt for foods with antioxidant properties, high content of iron and vitamin D. In your fifties, you should maintain a diet to prevent health issues like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Eat more green vegetables, omega-3 fats from eggs and various kinds of fish, as well as foods which stimulate good heart health. In your sixties, seventies and up, your body will become less capable of absorbing nutrients from the food you eat, so other than adjusting your diet to being low-calorie and rich in fiber, you should also talk to your doctor about the supplements you should use to get enough vitamins and minerals.

Mental HealthMental health

The most common mental health problems of 20- and 30-something-year-olds include PMS, depression, eating disorders and anxiety. In case of noticing symptoms of these issues, it’s crucial to seek help from somebody you trust or a doctor, especially if you suffer from postpartum depression or have marital problems. In your forties and fifties there’s a high chance you’ll go through a lot of stress while working, caring for your children and even elderly parents. And since you can expect to go through menopause at this age as well, it’s no wonder that a lot of women in their fifties experience a decline in mental health. To avoid this, make sure you talk to your friends, family or a professional before things get out of hand, but also stay physically active and maintain a healthy diet for your age. In your sixties and seventies, you should focus on maintaining brain function and sharpness by staying socially active. A great solution for those who want to be around people and lead a fulfilled life are such domestic-style aged care homes as NewDirection Care, which encourage their residents to actively participate in chores like cooking, gardening and grocery shopping. You can even have an around-the-clock companion for extra care.  

Overall HealthOverall health

Other than maintaining a healthy diet, you should also be physically active all through your life. Start working out in your twenties to set a good base for your wellness in the future. And since this is the age when people have a lot of sex, sometimes with different partners, it’s important to stay protected and practice safe sex, but also to avoid too much alcohol and not to do drugs. When you get to your thirties and forties, you should do more strength training, since that’s the time you begin losing some of your muscle mass and gaining weight more easily. This problem continues during your fifties, sixties and later, so do your best to tend to your body’s needs in order to improve the state of your immune system and metabolism and delay the most common health issues, some of which are high cholesterol and blood sugar levels, hypertension and other cardiovascular problems. As you age, but starting in your twenties, visiting your doctor on a regular basis is something you should take seriously. This also applies to your dentist. Furthermore, as you reach your golden age, you should have your hearing and eyesight checked frequently, since they can deteriorate if you don’t take care of them.

Skin HealthSkin health

Good skin habits are formed early in life, so start in your twenties. Put on sunscreen whenever you’re going out, stay away from tanning beds and hydrate your skin inside and out by drinking plenty of water and using good moisturizing cream. You might start noticing wrinkles by the time you reach thirties, so add some retinol and eye cream to your moisturizer. Your goal during this period should be to prevent future problems with your skin, so be especially attentive to the skin on your face, neck, chest and hands. Include occasional antioxidant treatments and chemical peels during your forties, and in your fifties, sixties and up, expect your skin to become thinner and drier. At this point, the water you bathe in shouldn’t be too hot and the skin products you use should be of premium quality.

If you’ve been wasting time, you should stop now and start forming good habits. Only by being concerned about your healthy today can you expect to keep it well into your old age.

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