The Ultimate Road Trip Tips

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If you want a relaxing vacation with absolute flexibility, a road trip might just be the ‘genre’ you are looking for. It has become so easy to purchase a plane ticket and fly wherever you want that people are slowly forgetting the endless allure of chasing the horizon. Thankfully, old traditions die hard when they are ingrained in the global consciousness as something that offers so many joyous moments, and newer generations seem to be rediscovering the appeal of road trips once more. If you plan to jump into your four-wheeler and embark on one such trip, here are 7 ultimate road trip tips.


It’s only a napkin. It’s just a gum wrapper. As time rolls on, small trash compiles in a car and soon you have a truly messy, even revolting interior of a vehicle that practically needs to be your home for a few days. Do not even consider going on a road trip before cleaning out all the trash, washing the seat covers and – do not forget this – car mats. Rinse everything out and leave all the car doors open for at least few hours in order to get all the stale odor out of it.


Roughly a week before the trip, march straight to your car mechanic and let them check every moving part beneath the car hood. Tire integrity needs to be checked and all fluids need to be replaced. Some of these items on the checklist (like car fluid replacement) you can do by yourself and don’t forget to bring an extra pack of fluids for the trip just in case…

Get the car radio

Since the emergence of smartphones, car radios have become more and more obsolete, right? Wrong! Car radios are the intrinsic part of the road-trip experience, especially vintage models; though you should not limit yourself to a particular type. The choice of your car-radio brand will depend on the type of sound you prefer. For example, if you want the sound that punches through the roof as you rush down the empty section of the highway, look into the finest Pioneer car audio from Strathfield car radios for the most blood pumping audio experience.

Cash and card

Over the last decade or so, people have almost completely transitioned from cash to cards, and while you’ll want to have your trusty plastic in your pocket while you cover the distance, you should also keep some liquid cash in your wallet for tolls and ‘unexpected’ expenditures. For example, you might want to purchase a pack of beers in a cash-only rest stop for you and a group of friends you’ve made along the way.

Pack light

This may just be one of the most important road trip tips simply because people have a natural tendency to over-pack. Packing light will make more room in the car for your elbows and your knees, not to mention the sharp increase in comfort factor for the companions in the back seat. In addition, your car will remain more durable and well-functioning if you avoid overburdening it with useless stuff that you don’t even need for this trip.


road trip 1You need to know what awaits you on the road ahead, at least loosely. Do not do detailed research of your destinations beforehand – you’ll want to keep a few surprises in store for yourself and your companions.  However, some broad strokes – like the distance between the starting point and the finish line, a few crucial turns and the most effective route – need to be planned out for financial reasons. The fuel prices can be steep and you’ll want to stick to a reasonable schedule anyways.

Since we live in the day and age when practically every corner of the globe is accessible for a tourist from any part of the world, many people are opting for faraway trips in the realms which previously appeared untenable. Of course, you cannot embark on a road trip to Bali if you live in Stockholm or Spokane, but it seems that tourists still opt to cover the distance via car as long as the trip is reasonable (in other words, it doesn’t take longer than two or three days to cover the distance). This means that the number of cars on the road and the number of trips have actually increased – while the trips themselves have become somewhat shorter. This bodes well for the future of road trips and the preservation of their appeal.

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