5 Easy Ways to Make Your Employees More Productive


Your employees are your most valuable asset. When they’re motivated and ready to collaborate, reaching the goals you’ve set for your businesses is a lot easier. However, studies say that employee productivity is declining and business owners have to do more in order to ensure everyone in the office gets more work done. In case you’re wondering how to do it, here are five easy ways that have proven to be effective.

    • Create a smartphone policy

There’s really no need to say that people now spend more time on smartphones than ever before. A recent study has shown that an average employee loses about eight hours a week on scrolling through their social media feed, checking sports results or just browsing the web. If you want your employees to get more work done, it’s critical to eliminate this problem and have your employees use their smartphones when not in the office. The best way to do this is to create a smartphone policy and have everyone in the office keep their devices in their bags during work hours.

    • Invest in headphones

With all the phones ringing and co-workers chatting, it can sometimes be really hard for your employees to stay focused on their work. Asking your team members to stay quiet during work hours isn’t a good idea as they often have to collaborate in order to get things done. This is why your safest bet is to invest in noise-canceling headphones your employees can use in the office. A carefully designed work-friendly playlist should help them eliminate all the noise and be as productive as possible.

    • Operate from a coworking space

Originally, coworking spaces were designed for freelancers and remote workers to escape isolation. However, more and more small businesses move to coworking spaces and one of the reasons behind that is that it helps their employees perform better. People enjoy being surrounded by professionals from different industries and operating from a coworking space is a guaranteed way to help them get more work done. Moreover, these places have been specifically designed to help them employees be productive and offer corporate solutions that may be exactly what you need.

    • Discourage them from multitasking

People often believe that they’re being more productive when they multitask. It sure is easy to believe this is true but when you think about it, you’ll see that things aren’t as they seem. Workers who multitask are more likely to make a mistake which may end up losing them even more time or even creating additional costs for the company. Not to mention that multitasking has been proven to cause stress which is never a good thing. Assign everyone with a single task and don’t give them additional things to do if you want the job to be done right.

    • Don’t forget about employee recognition

To have your company do well, you need to understand the importance of praising your employees for their good work. People tend to feel happier and try harder when they know all the hard work they put in is being recognized by their boss. The cost of a recognition system is either non-existent or relatively small. For example, you can choose to just write a card for the employees who did the most in the previous month or get them a real reward such as a trophy.

    • Final thoughts

Running a business is all about keeping your employees happy and providing them with the best possible working environment. Follow the five tips covered in this post and there’s no doubt you’ll see their productivity starting to increase.

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