Different Vacuum Cleaners And Their Varied Specifications

Vacuum Cleaners

Village Connect PH | Vacuum cleaners can be highly effective tools for any house. There are different kinds of vacuum cleaners which come in varied features and specifications. Hence, before purchasing a certain type of vacuum cleaner, you must research about whether it is going to fulfil your specific requirements. Hence for this understanding, you need to know the specifications of the available models. Choosing the right vacuum cleaner can also be a challenge from the huge variety in the modern days. To make things easy let us understand different kinds of vacuum cleaners and whether their features are good enough for your requirements.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Mainly there are two kinds of vacuum cleaners and these are the cylinder and the upright one. Both have some benefits and drawbacks. Researching about these is a must to decide which the right specification for your specific needs is.

  • Upright cleaners: Vacuum cleaners which are upright much heavier than the usual cylindrical ones. The upright one is a bit challenging for manoeuvring it. There are also not many user-friendly features in it to clean small space and gaps. Some upright vacuum cleaners come with few attachments which can help cleaning up places which are otherwise out of the reach. The biggest benefit of an upright vacuum cleaner is its high suction power.
  • Cylinder based vacuum cleaner: These are much easier to use as they have a smaller motor unit than the mentioned one. The cylinder vacuum cleaner can be used from one central unit without moving it and vacuum a very large area. They also come with many attachments which can quickly retrieve dirt and dust out of the interior area.

Basic specifications of an ideal vacuum cleaner

  • Cleaning: The cleaning skill of a vacuum cleaner is not only about its suction and power. However, these are very significant attributes which determine the performance of the vacuum cleaner. With some more education and knowledge, you can find out easily the right specification of a vacuum cleaner which will be appropriate for your use.
  • Power of the cleaner: The suction power of the vacuum cleaner can rely on many things. Hence it is about the wattage of the specific motor which indicates the quality of its cleaning power. Watts define how powerful a vacuum cleaner is. For a good cylinder vacuum cleaner, the optimum power can be 1400 watts whereas for an upright cleaner it is 1300 watts.
  • Bag based or bagless clean: This is one of the most significant features of a standard vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners usually collect the dirt inside a bag which is placed inside the machine. When the bag fills up can lower down the suction ability of the machine. The bagless vacuum cleaner does not come with dust bags. Here suction is much higher as well as they never lose the suction power. The bagless vacuum cleaner also is a bit expensive than the machines which have bags. One drawback is that the dust cap is needed to be eliminated. Bagged ones care hygienic as the dirt is collected in a sealed bag.
  • Filtration: Vacuum cleaners suck the dust particles which are expelled from the vacuum exhaust. This kind of filter use determines the number or size of particles which will be expelled.

Although at first choosing vacuum cleaners can be a daunting task once you know the requirements, you can select the right one easily. The market is full of different models of vacuum cleaners which have different features and capabilities. Based on your requirement and need you can choose one for yourself.  The best vacuum cleaner will have all the basic specifications needed for a good clean-up.

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