Adding a Family Room Extension

Family Room Extension

Especially with first homes, many families realize that after several years and a few family members more the house has become a bit tight. As most of them aren’t willing to sell the home and move to a bigger house, adding a family room extension might be the right solution. There’s a lot of hidden potential in many houses and adding more space can be exactly what is needed for a family to live better and more comfortable and to have more room to entertain. These extensions don’t only add more square footage to the original footprint, but they also add more value to the home.

Here are several practical building ideas that can help you pick your room extension. 

    • Basement renovation

Renovating the basement is one of the most practical ways of adding more space to your home without any real construction in terms of new walls, foundation or roofing. Remodelling and repurposing the space that you already have will not break the bank but it will give you the extra space you need.

Basements can be quite tricky and to turn them into a liveable and safe space, it’s important to address the typical issues they have which is mould elimination and proper insulation. The latter is crucial for thermal and acoustic comfort, and once you bring in the furnishings, you’ll have an enjoyable, multi-purpose room for the entire family.

    • Sunroom

Building a sunroom is a great way not only to add more living space, but it also enhances the beauty of your existing living room and adds more functionality to your home. This project is also one of the most cost-effective home remodelling projects due to its structure that allows more visibility and versatility than typical traditional additions. Sunrooms can be used as kids’ playrooms or study rooms, dining space or a relaxing sitting area for reading or having tea and chatting with your loved ones.

A sunroom addition is a sensitive project as in the past there were many problems with damp and heat in the summer as well as cold in the winter. Nowadays, these issues are easily avoided by using high-quality insulation and prefabricated steel formwork that is manufactured in all sizes and types to fit your project. Their installation is quick and easy and in combination with proper thermal-resistant glass, lighting and ventilation, it becomes a fantastic space for all seasons. 

    • Bump-out room

One of the most common extension projects many homeowners choose to add to their interior is by building a bump-out room. This can bring you about 50 square meters more to your current living space which makes it ideal for buying bulkier furniture, a larger entertainment centre and creating a perfect setting for fun family gatherings.  

This may not be the cheapest addition but it’s very convenient and quite affordable. Given that the final square footage isn’t that large, this renovation project won’t break the bank.

    • Garage remodel

Similar to a basement renovation, a garage remodel project doesn’t involve a lot of construction work but can add a considerable amount of extra living space. Since it was not originally intended to be lived in, the number one priority is getting it thermally and acoustically insulated. The most convenient flooring option is a durable, low-maintenance material like tiles or polished concrete, and for the door, additional weather-proofing can do the trick. Keeping the original big garage door can be great in summer as it allows you to open it wide and cool down easily. 

Building a home extension is a great way to add extra living space for your family and enhance the value of your home. Hopefully, tips listed here you’ll be able to pick the one that best fits your needs!

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