The First “Green Hotel” in Pampanga

Best Western Bendix Hotel

A little over four years ago after my father’s passing, our family underwent a leadership transformation. As the eldest in the family, I was unwittingly launched into the role he played and needed to fill in his shoes quickly. Hence, many of our strategies and initiatives were reviewed and realigned during that transition stage.

One of those realignments was the renovation of the once 30-year old office building at the Dolores intersection in the City of San Fernando that now stands as Best Western Bendix Hotel.

We retrofitted an old 4-story office building and only initially constructed a total of 46 rooms. However, because of the warm reception and resounding approval from the market, we are contemplating on adding an additional 80 more rooms to address the dearth in rooms inventory and meet the growing demand for our growing tourism sector.

We invest heavily in our people because we believe that if we take good care of our staff, they then can exceed our guests’ expectations. We do so with periodic skills training and team building seminars in order to ensure high-functioning and high-performing self-managed teams under the leadership of our competent and experienced general manager, who has been in the industry for over 3 decades.

Our people are our most important asset. We believe that the tangible aspects of our nice looking hotel such as our scenic lobby or our ergonomic beds, only facilitate good service to our guests; but what exceeds guests’ expectations is the quality of interactions and the service that our staff is able to provide. The intangible connections that we make when our guests stay with us could not be monetized or quantified but those positive emotions are what builds loyalty to our brand and our property.

We would like to think that while our core product is a good night’s sleep and the provision of amenities that allow for a productive business day, our underlying product is really the quintessential warm Kapampangan hospitality we are able to extend to our guests. Pampanga is known for excellence in the culinary arts, handicraft, and its giant lanterns. But the Kapampangans are known for their constant striving for excellence. Hence, we would like our guests to experience this passion and creativity when they stay with us at the Best Western Bendix Hotel.

Our ability to meet the needs of the market through constant innovation is what drives the growth of our business.

The challenges brought about by competition and predatory pricing are our most common concerns. The market is not yet mature enough to understand that value is both a function of price and quality. Usually, the market only appreciates the value of our service from a price perspective. We would like to educate our market by focusing on an approach to value from a quality point-of-view.

Because striving for excellence is second-nature to Filipinos in general and Kapampangans in particular, we are able to address perceived obstacles through our self-managed teams working together and approaching and addressing problems from different perspectives. Our ability to stimulate creative solutions because of the way we treat our employees is the reason why we are on top of our game.

The First "Green Hotel" in Pampanga

After launching the hotel last July 21, Best Western Bendix Hotel already now belongs to the Kapampangan people. As such, I believe that it must showcase Kapampangan excellence and talent. In order to do so, the Kapampangans need to feel a sense of ownership for our hotel. The work that needs to be done is in our consistent efforts to build this fondness and love for our hotel. By approaching customer service in this manner, accomplishments are really made every second of every minute and no one feat is able to define our success because our mission is to build loyalty for our hotel one interaction at a time.

Aside from preparing for our imminent Phase 2 construction, we are targeting a beach resort in Iba, Zambales in order to explore the take advantage of the recreational sports.

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