KYMCO Philippines Launches Touring Series Segment for Maxi Scooters


KYMCO Philippines introduces the AK550, the first KYMCO model equipped with the all-new “Connected Scooter Experience” as it pioneers the Touring Series Segment for Maxi Scooters.

These should spell the difference between Touring Scooters and Manual Bikes. Touring Scooters means no more shifting work for a rider, more time to relax and enjoy the pleasant views while riding. A more comfortable way of riding means doubling the fun and adventure.

Last March 2016, KYMCO announced the K50 Concept at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, which drew enormous attention worldwide. In June 2016, KYMCO named the production version of the K50 Concept as “AK550”, using the abbreviation of “Anniversario KYMCO”, which means “KYMCO Anniversary” in Italian. In October 2016, we officially launched AK550 at the INTERMOT Cologne Show in Germany.

March 2017, AK550 was introduced for the first time in the Philippine market at Racing Motorcycle Show held at the World Trade Center. Today, after 6 months of waiting, the turn over of the limited quantity of AK550 to the Elite First responders will enjoy the “Thrills of Touring” of A Maxi Super Touring Scooter.

It took some time to have the AK550 be available in the Philippines because of the combination of road types: cemented, semi-rough and bumpy terrains, and not to forget the popular traffic condition especially in EDSA. And after 3,000 kilometers of heavy traffic condition, no problem was encountered and this ensures that AK550 will endure the Philippine Road condition.

The production capacity in Taiwan, KYMCO allows CBU shipment of AK 550 to guarantee the highest quality because the unit has too many technological features and only 50 units per day can be rolled out of Taiwan production line for AK. AK550 pioneers a new Maxi Scooter segment called “Super Touring”, while also launching a new era of the Internet of Vehicles (IOV). AK550 is the first KYMCO model is equipped with the all-new “Connected Scooter Experience” or Noodoe technology.

This was unveiled last November 2016 at the EICMA Milan Show in Italy, and KYMCO Noodoe further received high acclaim at CES Las Vegas last January 2017. KYMCO Noodoe is the first IOV experience designed from the perspective of the riders. From the time AK550 and subsequent other models, over 16,000 consumers have become KYMCO Noodoe lovers in just two months.

And these KYMCO Noodoe lovers have generated over 70,000 personalized and public creations in the web and every single one of them embodies their own personality, creativity, and imagination.

Just like in the Car industry in the USA today about 94% of Car ownership uses A/T transmission and this is becoming Global trend. Also one of the New Maxi Scooter will be available this month in the market, the first mid-size Maxi Touring Scooter “X Town 300i” and intentionally KYMCO Philippines has made the price highly affordable at only 199,000 pesos as introductory price.

We also have our 2017 Xciting 400i E4 which remains to be the most powerful in its class. E4 because this model is Euro 4 emission standard and now we have three E4 model AK 550, Xciting 400i and the all new Xtown 300i. This shows that KYMCO has the Technology to offer the Philippine Market with varieties of both Competitive and Technologically advanced Motorcycles and scooters.

AK550 is the most powerful “Super Touring Scooter” engineered to be the most powerful in its class; AK550 has 53 horse power engine far beyond the competitor. (And it’s “Rain Mode” or Minimal engine Power setting mode is 48 HP more than the maximum horse power of other brands).


AK as of September 25 2017 has sold more than 700 units in Taiwan market alone and 5,000++ units in the World and European market. KYMCO Maxi scooter sold average more than 3,000++ units in recent four years in Taiwan alone and growing especially now with the coming of AK550. AK550 is the representation of the technology and know-how KYMCO has accumulated for the past 50 years as global scooter and motorcycle manufacturer.

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