An interview with Sharlene Carman-Powell HMR Trading Hauz Marketing Head

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wqnbc43dpbetwdhhgxea-w300-o1. Tell us a little bit about how HMR started. What’s your story?
From Precious Metal recovery in the 1980s, HMR has gradually transitioned into reverse logistics with the robust growth of industry in the Philippine economy, servicing now the recovery and management of all kinds of business assets.

2. When you started out HMR, did you envision it to be this big?
When HMR, the founders had visions of making HMR the biggest and best in its industry.

3. How tough was it during the first few years of business?
HMR endured many of the usual start-up trials in the first few years of business in the Philippines. Perseverance got us through these tough times.

4. How do you ensure that your company consistently remains high quality and relevant to consumers?
HMR provide a market place solution in the reverse logistics industry for our suppliers to reach out to consumers assuring the quality of product. We ensure our consumers are getting the best price for their purchase.

5. What for you is the most important asset of a business?
The most important asset of a business is its people. We value excellence and loyalty, because we understand that these are the foundation which allows our business to thrive.

6. In your opinion, what made your company one of the fastest growing?
HMR has the opportunity to grow a number of its business areas vastly, however to keep our model unique, we focus on maximizing every opportunity to ensure market penetration in the reverse supply chain.

7. What do you think is the key to success?
The key to success is Passion. Passion trickles down to every single aspect of our business, and influences every decision we make. It drives you to push the extra mile; and our customers and clients can feel that.

8. What are the most common challenges you encounter in the business?
It is important in our business to stay relevant to the ever changing market demands. The consumer landscape has changed greatly over the past decade, so it’s critical to innovate and lead.

9. How do you manage to resolve them and continue to be on top of your game?
From the top of our organization to the man on the ground, we take an active interest in listening to what our clients need; and implement this with market advances from the Philippines and the global marketplace.

10. What’s next for HMR? Are there any other ventures we can anticipate in the next few years?
HMR continues to expand our product range, such as imported heavy equipment and a wider array of business capital assets in anticipation of larger demand with the growth of the Philippine economy with our expanding exposure in e-commerce.

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